Why hire an interior designer?

Interior designers not only create a design that fits the client’s lifestyle and taste but manage the project in its entirety. We are extremely detail-oriented and every detail matters! Interior designers are problem solvers and finding creative solutions to your design problem is our job. Our experience makes the design process flow smoothly and gives you peace of mind.

How can an interior designer capture my vision?

We learn how you use your space and your design style so that we can merge aesthetics and function. We ask questions about how you use the space and request images to gain insight on your style. Understanding the function within the space as well as design taste is extremely important before making any selections. We do the work while keeping you informed throughout the process.

How much will it cost to hire an interior designer?

The price varies depending on the project, considering size and duration. We are confident that our fees are fair for the amount of expertise and dedication that goes into each project.

What if I am not happy with my design?

We love our clients, so we always ensure that you will love your space! We prioritize communication and keep you involved throughout the process so that you are happy with each decision as it relates to your finished design. We are not done until you are happy with your space.

Should I hire an interior designer if I already have an architect?

Absolutely! Architects, contractors, and interior designers work as a team for new construction and renovations, ensuring that the functions within the space will be possible with the architect’s design. Interior designers specialize in interiors, so it is very helpful to include an interior designer within the design process.

What is the process for new construction?

As mentioned above, interior designers are able to work with architects and contractors to ensure that the exterior is going to be cohesive with the interior. Interior designers work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that the project is going smoothly and that all of your design needs are met.